ECZAKDER Quality Policy

ECZAKDER Quality Policy



Quality Policy

Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs (ECZAKDER) which aimes to ensure the sustainability of quality of pharmacy education in Turkey at the level of international quality of education, meets the expectations of higher educational institutions providing pharmacy education by constantly improving itself. ECZAKDER ensures that it will hold on the values below in order to provide an excellent service:

Transparency and accountability: ECZAKDER informs its shareholders and public about the publishing of its policies, strategies, operational activities, and standards for its desicions and reports concerning to quality assurance

Participation: Opinions and suggestions of shareholders are evaluated at the related processes

Independency: ECZAKDER functions independently and autonomously without the third- party consultation

Collaboration: ECZAKDER constitutes and improves extensive national and international collaborations

Innovation: ECZAKDER follows the latest developments and learns continuously in order to enhance and maintain the quality of its activities

Creating value: ECZAKDER engages in value-added activities for the serviced institutions and shareholders; keeps working in order to improve the education and assessment processes

Respectfulness and trustworthiness: ECZAKDER is responsible to its shareholders for the  assessment processes and outcomes. ECZAKDER forms and maintains respectful interactions with its employes, volunteers, and the serviced institutions within the framework of ethics rules