As an introduction to the process of independent and participatory institutional structuring, the Council of Deans of Faculty (ECZDEK) constituted National Pharmacy Education directive on 16  September  in order to improve the quality  and quality assurance in pharmacy education.

In accordance with Article 5 of the Directive, ECZAK (National Pharmacy Education Accreditation Board) is comprised of  7  academic staff  assigned by Faculty of Council of  7 faculties of pharmacy determined by the Council of Deans of Faculty of Pharmacy  (Anadolu, Istanbul, Hacettepe, Marmara, Ankara, Gazi and Ege University Faculties of Pharmacy), a Pharmacist assigned by the  Ministry of Health General Directorate of Medicine and  Pharmacy, independent pharmacist by TEB (Turkish Pharmacy Association), hospital pharmacist assigned by Ministry of Health, professor assigned by Council of Deans of Faculty of Pharmacy, a student representative and a community representative.

The first meeting of ECZAK was held on 06-01-2011; Professor Dr. Sevim Rollas was selected as a president, Prof. Dr. Dr. Levent  Üstünes  as vice president, Prof. Dr. Belma Koçer Gümüşel as general  secretary. In the assembly held on  10 April 2012, Directive related to  Working Procedures and Principles of ECZAK and subcommittees was accepted and approved  on 27 April 2012 by  ECZDEK.

ECZAK published Turkey National Pharmacy Undergraduate   Education Program Accreditation Standards and Guidelines on July 12, 2013.

ECZAK founded the Association for Evaluation and Accreditation of Pharmacy Education Programs (ECZAKDER) in order to gain legal entity status. The charter of the Association was accepted in accordance with decree no. 132/40 date 09.05.2014 by the office of Governor.

ECZAKDER Regulation was updated at the General Assembly Meeting held on 22.05.2017 and approved by Ankara Governor on 04.07.2017.

ECZAK Members election has been rearranged in accordance with Article 4 of the Labor Directive (Version 2.0. 2 May 2019).

In accordance with Article 4 of the Directive, ECZAK is comprised of, Among the faculty members who have served at least one (1) year at the Standards Setting and Development Commission (SBGK) or the Advisory and Training Commission (DEK), or seven (7) faculty members selected by ECZAKDER Board of Directors among the faculty members who participated in faculty evaluation visit, one (1) pharmacy pharmacist recommended by TEB and appointed by ECZAKDER Board among pharmacists who have served at least one (1) year or participated in at least one (1) faculty evaluation visit to ECZAK, SBGK or DEK, one (1) member pharmacist recommended by Turkish Medicines and Medical Devices appointed by ECZAKDER Board, one (1) member of the hospital pharmacist proposed by the Turkish   Public Hospitals Authority and appointed by ECZAKDER Board, one (1) pharmacist member appointed by ECZAKDER Board to represent the Pharmaceutical Industry, the former president of ECZAK, one (1) ECZAKDER member   appointed by ECZAKDER Board to carry out the ECZAK secretariat, one (1) pharmacy faculty student recommended by the Faculties of Pharmacy and  one (1) community representative appointed by ECZAKDER Board.